On Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:18:05 +0100, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 19.02.2015 um 18:39 schrieb Luís Marques:

I've checked that vibenews almost compiles with vibe.d 0.7.20 (the one in package.json, which is not chosen because the repo does not have a dub.selections.json), except that version of vibe.d does not compile with the latest DMD due to a collision. I've tried to understand the errors that start happening with vibe.d 0.7.21, even doing a diff between 0.7.20 and ~master of bson.d, but I didn't yet understand the source of the error. I hope that helps a little bit.

I've pushed an update to the latest versions of the dependencies now.
The errors were caused by the wrong version of userman being selected
due to the bug below. To fix this, the code is now properly updated.

You didn't include the dub.selections.json in the repo. Isn't the idea of dub.selections.json that it should be part of the software distribution, so that the selected versions are part of the commit?