There is always GitHub - it could go in the dub wiki or in a new dummy repository... should probably be good enough for this purpose and requires no efforts to set up.

Ha! :-) Now I remember, you already suggested that. Perfect, I'll put it there as soon as possible!

Best regards,


P.S.: Is the "I forgot my password" feature of this forum actually working? I don't seem to get any password-reset e-mail :-(

I actually forgot to configure the SMTP settings, it should work now.

OT: Did you do anything special when replying? I noticed that this is the second reply that breaks threading and I'm not sure how that happens. I also tried to reproduce it without success.

I just clicked on reply as a non logged in user (obviously ;-) ). Thanks for this fast fix, about the SMTP settings. Unfortunately the link I got does not seem to work.