On Sat, 11 May 2013 14:16:38 GMT, sibnick wrote:

I have problem with following code (DConf 2013 Day 1 Talk 1: Opening Keynote by Walter Bright):

DUB by default adds the "-property" switch to the DMD command line, which enforces parentheses on non-property function calls, so array, sort and map need empty parentheses, even if they are invoked with uniform function call syntax. So the solution is to either change the code to map!(a => a.idup)().array().sort().copy(stdout.lockingTextWriter()), or to add an entry to package.json to disable the property switch: "buildRequirements": ["relaxProperties"]

Hopefully D's properties will be improved a bit in the forseeable future and this will become a non-issue. There have been several proposals recently and although the discussion got stuck at some point, there is hope that one of them gets accepted at some point: DIP21, DIP24, DIP26, DIP28