I have problem with following code (DConf 2013 Day 1 Talk 1: Opening Keynote by Walter Bright):

import std.stdio, std.array, std.algorithm;

void main( ) {
    map!(a => a.idup).

it works fine without dub, but it fails with dub:

Building configuration "application", build type debug
Running dmd (compile)...
source/app.d(4): Error: no property 'map' for type 'ByLine!(char, char)'
Error: Build command failed with exit code 1

My package.json is

        "name": "tmp",
        "description": "An example project skeleton",
        "homepage": "http://example.org",
        "copyright": "Copyright © 2000, Your Name",
        "authors": [
                "Your Name"
   "versions": ["VibeCustomMain"],

        "dependencies": {


Please advice