On Mon, 25 Mar 2013 12:33:22 GMT, Robert wrote:

I suggested DUB-package = D package (https://vhios.dyndns.org/drepoDraft.pdf), but despite its nice properties, the approach was considered to be too inflexible. At the moment, the whole repository is a DUB package. I am still pushing for 1 repo - multiple packages and I believe Soenke does not oppose the idea in general, but considers other things more important at the moment.

I see. That's unfortunate. I'm worried that if I configure multiple libs in one case (the current situation using Derelict's build script) and a monolithic lib in another (via DUB), that could cause confusion down the line. And I'm hesitant to move over to a monolithic build across the board just to support a single build tool. I really like the current set up, where you can compile only the packages you need (currently you can do "build util sdl2", for example). So I think I will likely hold off until this feature is implemented.