On Mon, 25 Mar 2013 10:36:23 GMT, Mike Parker wrote:

From what I can tell, a package in DUB is not the same as a D package. DUB seems to treat an entire repository as a package. Is that the case?

I suggested DUB-package = D package (https://vhios.dyndns.org/drepoDraft.pdf), but despite its nice properties, the approach was considered to be too inflexible. At the moment, the whole repository is a DUB package. I am still pushing for 1 repo - multiple packages and I believe Soenke does not oppose the idea in general, but considers other things more important at the moment.

Some things have to be sorted out first, making sure the current implementation works fine, but I hope I will get to this feature soon as I am really looking forward to implementing it.
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