On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 13:22:42 GMT, David Monagle wrote:

On Mon, 22 Sep 2014 14:43:42 +0200, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 22.09.2014 14:29, schrieb David Monagle:

Is it a known issue that when updating notifications and pressing "Apply" all of the values just rest and the updated preferences don't save? Would really like to subscribe to the site but have to rely on checking manually at the moment.



I really need to get that "fixed". Currently the checkboxes are the only
thing that is implemented in terms of notifications (they have been
accidentally commented in at some point). The alternative I could
recommend right now would be to use an NNTP reader to access the forum.

No problem, at least I know it's not me.