On Sun, 29 Jun 2014 03:16:54 GMT, donald wrote:

I tried to get vibenews latest version(v0.6.4) compiled using dub on Ubuntu

It kept complaining about:

  • /.dub/packages/antispam-0.0.4/source/antispam/filters/bayes.d(176): Error: undefined identifier StreamOutputRange
  • FAIL ../../../.dub/packages/antispam-0.0.4/.dub/build/library-debug- linux.posix-x86_64-dmd-8CEF5B7978BC8B68ABFC6D50D1DA829B antispam staticLibrary
  • Error executing command run: DMD compile run failed with exit code 1**

I built Vibe-d successfully on Ubuntu.


  • git clone git://github.com/rejectedsoftware/vibenews.git
  • cd vibenews
  • dub run

$ dub list

Packages present in the system and known to dub:

  • vibenews 0.6.4: /home/donald/.dub/packages/vibenews-0.6.4
  • userman 0.0.12: /home/donald/.dub/packages/userman-0.0.12
  • libevent ~master: /home/donald/.dub/packages/libevent-master
  • openssl ~master: /home/donald/.dub/packages/openssl-master
  • vibenews 0.6.4: /home/donald/.dub/packages/vibenews-0.6.4
  • libev ~master: /home/donald/.dub/packages/libev-master
  • vibe-d 0.7.20: /home/donald/.dub/packages/vibe-d-0.7.20
  • antispam 0.0.4: /home/donald/.dub/packages/antispam-0.0.4

Looks like I have accidentally used functionality from vibe.d master there and didn't adjust the dependency versions appropriately. To fix this, antispam has a new version tagged now with a dependency to vibe.d 0.7.21-alpha.1. Running either dub upgrade --prerelease or just dub upgrade should fix it now.

Sorry about the inconvenience.