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Am 13.05.2014 15:08, schrieb Sebastiaan Koppe:

On 5/12/2014 10:46 PM, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 12.05.2014 16:41, schrieb Sebastiaan Koppe:


tried to get vibenews v0.6.3 compiled using dub.

It kept complaining about:
source\vibenews\web.d(86): Error: no property 'prefix' for type

Obviously, since that property hasn't arrived in router.d in the version
of vibe-d that vibenews supposed to be dependent on. Which, according to
the dub.json, was v0.7.18

Problem was resolved after I did a local checkout of the latest vibe.d
(commit 7e0235673), added the local-path to dub and upgraded the
dependency to 0.7.20

How do you compile vibenews?

I'll fix that - locally, I'm always using vibe.d master, so I didn't
notice this so far.
It is running pretty smooth though; fast as hell.

I am currently running it behind an apache reverseproxy.

A couple of things which I noticed.

a. The user-profile page doesn't seem to save the email notification settings (both the group and the frequency).

Those settings need to be removed again. They slipped in although the notification functionality hasn't been implemented, yet.

b. I could not find a way to setup a password on the admin page. How would you access the admin pages remotely and securely?

I'd like to change this to a user based authentication scheme at some point. Currently an ssh tunnel can be used for secure access, or of course using an authenticated reverse proxy route, like you did.

c. Probably doing something unorthodox, but I was using ProxyReversePass /admin to route the admin pages and ProxyReversePass / to route the forum pages (on the same virtual host). Worked like a charm, but, obviously, once I started clicking links on the admin pages it pointed to / and no longer to /admin. Can I provide a prefix so that each link on the admin pages will have /admin in front of it?

The links are supposed to all be relative, but I never tested it in such an environment. If there is an absolute link on the admin pages, it should be fixed to use "#{req.rootDir}path" instead if "/path".