Am 20.01.2014 04:50, schrieb Kelet:

I really like VibeNews. Especially the Markdown integration. However, my only large complaint is that it does not have an option for word wrapping. Try viewing the forums on a 2560x1600 monitor. With my web browser maximized, you can have a good paragraph and a half on one line. This means that on largely widescreen monitors text does not look so great unless the author used manual word wrapping.

I believe Sönke uses an e-mail client which automatically wraps plaintext for him.

I sometimes use Thunderbird to post short messages and it uses flowed
format. VibeNews currently can't correctly decode flowed messages and
thus simply displays them using wrapped lines, but once it correctly
handles them, paragraphs will also be put together back into single lines.

Can we have this feature in the forum client?

It would be easy to limit the width of the message div using CSS. I'll
add a max-width: 60em; entry.