Am 01.11.2012 23:47, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:

On Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:40:48 +0100
Sönke Ludwig wrote:

The line endings of all files was CRLF because I checked out on
Windows to make the .zip file - I've uploaded a new file with the
line endings changed to LF for the shell scripts.

This happened because the zip file now includes HTML docs and I can't
use the github zipball feature anymore. For the next releases I'll
generate the zip file on Linux instead.

I find that things are a lot easier if I just disable all the
autoCrlf/safeCrlf stuff and set my editor to always create/save files
as LN. AutoCrlf and SafeCrlf should never have even existed: I'm a
windows guy, and everything on windows supports LN (even batch
files!), so there's never any reason to use CRLF anymore, nor
autoCrlf/safeCrlf: they can only ever create problems.

(Well, the ONE exception is windows notepad, but anyone coder who uses
that has much bigger problems...)

Actually that's exactly my opinion on the matter and I don't remember
exactly how I came to say "f**k it, I'll just enable it then". I think
there were some files where some accidential CRLF's cropped in, because
some people on the team had CRLF set as their default. And after fixing
it, the commit diff was still empty and the line endings stayed like
they were in the repository.