Am 14.01.2013 15:31, schrieb Dicebot:

On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:42:09 +0100, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 14.01.2013 12:58, schrieb Dicebot:

Beg my pardon for not fulfilling my duties of AUR PKGBUILD maintenance - had surprising and rather
serious health issues.
Now package is updated to 0.7.11 and further updates should continue to be reasonably fast, as I am
back on track.

Thanks for providing the package at all, and all the best for your recovery!

By the way, is there anything I can do to automate the process? I'm currently improving my
build/development process (by improving, which is supposed
to supersede bin/vibe at some point) so that doing all kinds of nightbuild/CI stuff is finally
completely painless. Once that is done, I wanted to start aggressively automating all tasks that are

Well, I can give you ownership of the package if you want to :) Regarding automation - for most
releases it only means updating version number and md5sum in PKGBUILD so kind of possible (assuming
all folder names and path remain the same). This time I was tweaking installation script using some
stuff from new so there were a bit more changes.

I would do that, but I'm afraid it wouldn't safe any work because I don't use it myself and it
would thus probably require continuous pull requests. I could at least add an automated
install-use-uninstall test though... But since that still requires some working around for some
issues, I think I'll first get all that stuff running and then get back to this topic ;)