Am 31.07.2012 03:10, schrieb Brad Anderson:

On Saturday, 19 May 2012 at 19:52:37 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

The VPM registry at now supports user
registration, so that anyone can add own packages. Packages currently
have to be hosted on github and must have a valid package.json file.

For anyone who is interested, some instructions are at

Have you given any thought to proposing VPM as the official D package
manager? It seems advanced enough in design to support a variety of
needs and, most importantly, it already works and is used by people.

I respect what Jacob wants to do with Orbit but he, like so many of us,
seems to have more ambition than time. It's kind of silly for D at
large to be lacking when VPM already exists and appears to be perfectly
capable of filing the role that so many people are dying for.

Brad Anderson

I have some ambivalent feelings about this. One one hand it is meant to
be quite general, would theoretically fit, and is in a working state,
but on the other hand it is still very limited right now:

  • Needs some thought about project builds. Currently performs the
    build itself using rdmd
  • A related point is that packages are currently always compiled on
    the same command line as the final project, so no precompiled libraries
    or special build-time things
  • Only project local package installs - no system wide installation
  • Only supports github repositories
  • No package signing
  • Probably some more things

So I'm not really sure if it would take less work (or time) than
bringing up Orbit up to a releasable state.