Am 30.11.2012 06:47, schrieb Francois Chabot:

As opposed to "shared static this() {}"?

It would appear to me that very bad things would happen as soon as you start using
enableWorkerThreads(), which I would imagine will become the norm at some point. Even if vibe does
handle multiple initialization gracefully, I'm pretty sure a lot of users would be surprised at
their startup code running multiple times.

I'm worried that I'm not seeing something important here.

It's a historical left-over (from the first single-threaded days) that should be fixed and somehow I
forgot about it. Thanks for the pointer!

Vibe is pretty darn awesome by the way. I've been playing with it for a few days now and am loving
what I'm seeing (mostly).

Thanks! Please don't hesitate to criticize - there are definitely corners that haven't gotten the
love/time that they deserve and I'm more that happy to improve things.