Am 18.07.2012 11:01, schrieb Knud Sørensen:

I have installed the apt-packet vibe-doc
It have the rdmd generated docs and the examples.
But it don't have with its
installations and first step which is vital to get stated.
I used some time off-line trying to get something running from the
vibe-doc pages before going to the website.

So, I suggest that get included in vibe-doc packet with a nice
README which explain how to run the site ;-)

A static version of the page should also be easy to generate, it would
just need some link fixing (e.g. /docs -> /docs.html). I've added this
to the TODO list.

Also having made a few php sites I have always admired php's on-line
documentation, because it allows users to add very helpful notes.

A similar wiki or comment system would be very nice and if those
comments got included in vibe-doc with then we could use them
off-line as well.

This is definitely a good idea and I would even extend it to all pages
(probably excluding the front page). Something like what does
with the "Improve this page" button would also be nice (currently seems
to be broken). The comment feature seems like it could be a bit involved
with things like proper spam protection, admin facilities, prohibiting
external links etc. So someone would have to step up to do this. It
could even be made as a general VPM package that others can use on their