Am 18.07.2012 08:20, schrieb Knud Sørensen:


I am new to vibe.

Could you include the code as an vibe example ?

It is always nice to have a more complex example to look at
when you are learning a new framework.

Also it would gives us all the documentation for off-line work
and I bet it wouldn't take long for someone to contribute a good search
function for the documentation.


Hi, is actually already on github :)

But you are right, proper offline documentation is something I also
wanted to have some day.

By the way, if you need/want to have it now, you should be able to do
something like "rdmd --build-only -D -Dddocs -Isource
source\vibe\vibe.d" to get some bare DDOC HTML docs. The file names will
be awful though, because rdmd will only allow to output the module name
and not the package path. There is also no styling, no elaborate
structure or such, but it should more or less do the job.