On Tue, 02 Oct 2018 07:04:56 GMT, Stephan Dilly wrote:

I saw there was nothing really happening in vibe.d repo since july. Currently it does not build with any of the two latest dmd compiler releases (2.081 and 2.082) so I must ask is development on vibe.d planned to resume?


Quoting from https://github.com/vibe-d/vibe.d/issues/2215

(...) the development is not discontinued, but I'm currently not really able to contribute. This is also true for DUB and the other projects. Basically the only exceptions are occasional fixes in eventcore/vibe-core that are needed for our internal project and occasional PR reviews. This will change once the project is on the market.

There is also the ongoing HTTP/2 SAoC project, which happens in the separate vibe-http repository, so if everything goes right, there should finally be basic HTTP/2 functionality by the end of the year.