Am 06.11.2012 23:12, schrieb Marco Leise:

Not directly related to vibe.d, but I noticed that in Opera 12
the layout of your Phobos test with your documentation
generator doesn't look right. For example here:

The content isn't rendered side-by-side with the menu on the
left, but under it. If you find the time, maybe you can see if
anything can be done about it, Sönke. Opera has usually been
good with CSS compliance. That said, it looks right on the
minimal zoom level.

I've changed the style sheet a bit and added some media queries to
handle different sizes better - it should now always display them
side-by-side unless the window is very narrow.

Originally I wanted to use "float" and simply keep a fixed size
navigation area, but also wanted to still be able to use float inside of
the main content area. But since css float is so extremely limited, it
quickly ruled itself out...