(Just rehashing here from github for reference)

The problem here is that D statements (i.e. lines starting with '-')
also have to be nested using indentation and not using the usual braces.
So the example would become:

  • auto endVerseBson = bsonDoc["endVerse"];
  • if(!endVerseBson.isNull())
    • import std.stdio;
    • writeln("Type for endVerse is ", endVerseBson.type);
    • float endVerse;
    • deserializeBson!float(endVerse, endVerseBson);
    • formattedWrite(referenceAppender, "-%0g", endVerse);

I've added now an explicit statement in the template docs about this
and, additionally, the parser will now error out as soon as it detects a
'{' at the end of a line, telling to use indentation.