Works fine now.
Dòa 4. 11. 2012 10:45 Sönke Ludwig wrote / napísal(a):

Am 04.11.2012 10:18, schrieb Sönke Ludwig:

Am 04.11.2012 10:08, schrieb Lubos Pintes:

When I try to run some example by issuing "vibe" command, an exception
is thrown. So I played a bit and found the following.
This is one concrete case:
The app.exe generated by rdmd is in folder

But required libraries are in folder
After I move app.exe from folder with that terrible name to the source
folder, everything works. So perhaps copy the libraries to newly
generated folder, but that is probably a bit redundant. Or move app.exe
to source folder by replacing possibly older one.
I have no idea how to do this. How to know the folder name which rdmd

Good catch, that would also explain why the wrong version of DLLs is
picked up if one is installed system wide. Since right now rdmd<br>--force is used to build the app (so dependencies don't matter anyway),
building the app manually to .rmd/source using -of is a good
temporary workaround. I'll change that.

Committed to master now.