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Am 30.10.2012 10:49, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:

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Sönke Ludwig sludwig@rejectedsoftware.com wrote:

Debian Squeeze still has the old 1.x version of libevent, but 2.x

Which one is squeeze?


Installed libevent-2 on Debian6 (vibe 0.78) and still got error: cannot
find -levent_pthreads
Also, just installed vibe0.79. Now error ... $ vibe --> bash:
/usr/bin/vibe: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory.

The ^M may be a hidden char from a non-Linux text editor...

try dos2unix. Or just nano or something and backspace.
I don't see ^M on git master, so you should be able to just grab that file

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