Am 10/26/2012 8:02 AM, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:

On Thu, 25 Oct 2012 05:17:39 -0400
Nick Sabalausky wrote:

  1. Comment out line 2182 in mysql/connection.d:

enforceEx!MYX(sCaps & SvrCapFlags.SECUREPWD, "Server doesn't support
protocol v4.1 passwords");

Perhaps there's something wrong with that check? FWIW, my MySQL server
is 5.0.91 on Win7. I think that was one of simendsjo's changes,
though. Maybe he can tell us more about it.

Figured it out, pull request:

Merged in.

btw, my fingers are itching everytime I see that connection.d file. I
would really like to rip apart this huge mess and restructure everything

  • I hate those gigantic spaghetti modules. But then again I'd rather
    leave it like this to keep it compatible with the other forks..