I attempted once to install DMD on OSX using the .dmg installer but it wasn't available. Since then I've simply downloaded the zip file, unzip it into /usr/share/dmd and create two symlinks to DMD and RDMD in /usr/bin/. Installation instructions contained in the readme file of vibe suggests that I use the .dmg installer. Since I did not, I get the following error after executing vibe:

andrew:vibe andrew$ vibe
Error: module object is in file 'object.d' which cannot be read
import path[0] = /usr/share/vibe/bin/../source
import path[1] = source
import path[2] = /tmp
Failed: 'dmd' '-g' '-w' '-property' '-I/usr/share/vibe/bin/../source' '-L-levent_pthreads' '-L-levent' '-L-lssl' '-L-lcrypto' '-Jviews' '-Isource' '-v' '-o-' '/tmp/vpm.d' '-I/tmp'

what do I need to do to configure vibe so that it can finds the D installation without using this installer?