On Thu, 25 Oct 2012 07:52:48 +0200
Sönke Ludwig sludwig@rejectedsoftware.com wrote:

Am 10/24/2012 10:00 PM, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:

I think there might be some changes from simendsjo's misc-cleanups
branch of mysqln that need merged into Vibe.d's branch. The
simendsjo/misc-cleanups version is working fine for me in Vibe.d
v0.7.8 (although using the MySQL connection pooling class results in
compilation errors - haven't looked into them so I don't know
offhand if they're trivial to fix). But using Vibe.d's own mysqln
just gives me this:

new Connection("localhost", "testdbuser", "testpass", "testdb",
3306, defaultClientFlags);


Authentication failure: Access denied for user 'testdbuser'@'%' to
database 't'

Note the database name in the error is truncated. And then it dies
with: core.exception.InvalidMemoryOperationError

(Yes, doubled like that.)

OK I'll try to merge his clean ups, at least this should improve the
situation somewhat.

Damn, now it's giving me "Server doesn't support protocol v4.1
passwords" which is seems very, very weird since I've got 5.x server
and am definitely using a user with a new/long-style password.
Temporarily commenting out that particular check results in "Operating
on TcpConnection owned by a different fiber!" which seems even weirder
since I'm pretty sure I'm using the MySQL connection pool thing
correctly. I need to dig into this more, this is all very strange,
maybe it's something screwy on my system...

Thanks very much for the merge, though.

We really need a proper maintainer though (i.e.
one who eats his own dogfood)

Simendsjo has mentioned that to me before, too. As nobody's stepped up
and as I appear to be to biggest Vibe.d+MySQL user AFAIK, perhaps I'll
volunteer after all. I can't guarantee much in the way of updates, but
what exactly sorts of tasks do you have in mind? (Aside from trying to
work out my current problem ;) )