Am 12.07.2012 04:23, schrieb David Eagen:

I'm trying to provide default content for a block that is overridden on
pages that extend the template. Something like this:


!!! 5

     title The App
         #ts.column.span-23(style="text-align: center")
             block header
                 h1 Default Header


extends layout

block header

 h1 Home Page

This results in the following HTML

<div id="container">

 <div id="ts" style="text-align: center" class="column span-23">
     <h1>Default Header</h1>


Am I doing this wrong or does block replacement of default content not
work yet?

I'm using a git clone version of vibe.d that was updated a couple days ago.

This is not implemented yet, but I had that in mind for a while. I'll
put it on the TODO list.

That you get something at all is interesting though, because you should
actually get an error at "h1 Default Header" during compilation.