Bah! I wasn't using the newest vibe.d version. Now the compile doesn't fail anymore (it did before, saying the template didn't start with "!!! 5"; forgot to mention that).

But, instead, the blocks filled in the rendered page aren't filled in the result.

Sorry for the last example, I've since noticed the syntax was wrong in a few parts and have updated them. I'll also write a smaller example here, to hopefully outline my intentions better.

Here goes:


!!! 5
        block title
        link(rel="stylesheet", type="text/css", href="css/bootstrap.min.css")
        block body


extends layout

block body
            block modal-header
            block modal-body
            block modal-footer


extends layout_modal

block title
    title Test page

block modal-header
    h2 Test Page

block modal-body
    p Some kind of form will be put here.

So, the result of this is as if I were rendering layout_modal.dt directly. Seems like login.dt is ignored? (The title doesn't get set either.) I'm 100 % certain that I'm actually calling .render!("login.dt") and not layout_modal.dt.