Am 10/11/2012 7:46 PM, schrieb alexeibs:

I wrote a test application. It works on Windows, but it doesn't work on
Ubuntu Server 12.04 x86. I installed vibe.d from
I got warnings such as "Failed to listen something" then I try to run my
test application:

alex@alexserver:~/projects/vibetest$ vibe
[B7267F80:00000000 INF] Updating application in
[B7267F80:00000000 INF] You are up to date
Compiling diet template 'index.dt' (compat)...
Compiling diet template 'index.dt' (compat)...
[B71FBF80:00000000 WRN] Failed to listen on :::8080
[B71FBF80:00000000 INF] Running event loop...

I tried to use different ports but it doesn't help me. Why it doesn't work?

That should be the old bug here:

I still need some time until this gets up far enough on the priority
list. Maybe I can at least add back a log message saying "Successfully
started listening on" though.