Am 10/1/2012 11:34 AM, schrieb Romain337:

Hi everybody, i'm new here and i am trying to make something with
vibe.d. I have a problem with tha ajax request and the form datas.

I have this in my app.d:


When I fill the form and submit it without ajax request, all is okay,
the form data is written to the body of the page as well, but if i
submit the form using ajax (via mootools Form.Request), i got nothing
(req.form is empty). Have you any idea to help me?

Hi. I would try and log out req.headers["Content-Type"] and remove the
ParseFormBody option from HttpServerSettings.options
(settings.options &= ~HttpServerOption.ParseFormBody;). Then you can
also log the request body using req.bodyReader.readAll() and see what
mootools actually sends.

The Content-Type should be "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" or

This framework is cool. Keep up the good work. There is any irc channel
where we can talk about vibe? Thanks.

AFAIK there is no IRC channel. Personally, I've never really used IRC
that much, which is the reason why I didn't set one up..