(entry level question ahead)

I have a simple static html page that will generate a piece of
data that I would like send back to the server. But when I try to
get the params from the request im getting an empty array. Is
the following server side code correct for this sort of thing?

//--- server code ---
import vibe.d, std.stdio;

void handleRequest(HttpServerRequest req, HttpServerResponse res)



void report(HttpServerRequest req, HttpServerResponse res) {

 writeln(req.params); // prints: [ ]


static this() {
auto settings = new HttpServerSettings;
settings.port = 8080;
auto router = new UrlRouter;
router.get("/", &handleRequest);
router.get("*", serveStaticFiles("./public/"));
router.get("/report", &report);
listenHttp(settings, router);

//--- js snippet inside the hosted HTML page ---
url: 'http://localhost:8080/report',
data: 'test=42'