My only concern is that attracting non-D people (who need to
languages) on one hand requires some instantly interesting
and on the other hand many of them will probably easily get
if something doesn't work right away.

So everything that is more or less inside the D community is
fine, but I guess that advertising a polished version to the
public' has the best chances to also reach some future

All in all I would say there are three blockers that would be
good to have out of the way:

  • vibedist has to work at least on localhost as a vhost

manager and
watchdog process

  • the recently discovered memory leak needs to be fixed
  • get the multithreaded HTTP server version thread-safe and

tune the
libevent back end so that we get some impressive benchmark
numbers as
this always seems to be a selling point to many (although these
benchmarks most of the time have nothing to do with reality
when it
comes to real apps

Eh, when I did a little server work, the main selling point was
"use as little resources as possible, so that we can give this
server almost
no resources."

It's all marketing and management who have no idea what's going
on and still insist that they make the final decision.

Politics, man. They suck.