Am 29.08.2012 01:39, schrieb Nick Sabalausky:

If a have a vibe.d app behind an nginx reverse proxy on a linux server,
and want to restart the vibe.d app, what's the standard recommended way
to do that?

Also, (I suppose this is getting more nginx/linux though, but related)
am I correct in my understanding that the nginx reverse proxy will
not act as a watchdog and restart the vibe.d app if it exits or
crashes or otherwise just simply isn't running? If it indeed doesn't,
then what would be a good way to set such a thing up?

Or...should I just simply be looking up "how to setup an app as
a linux(debian) service"? Would that be the right way to go?

I'm taking a very ad-hoc approach right now, which is a background bash
script that uses 'netstat -lnp | grep $PORT' to check periodically if
the applicatin is still running and restarts it if necessary (*). Of
course, for a single server it would also be sufficient to just make an
endless loop that just starts the server.

My plan is to use vibedist for this eventually, which would then run as
a normal deamon and watches the server(s). But it still needs some work
and my priority list of things to do is currently well filled.

(*) The latest master version seems to run very stable though and as
already mentioned for everything except segfaults it is attempted to
keep the server running. Maybe segfaults could also be handled in the
future (it should be possible to just terminate the active fiber after