On Tuesday, 28 August 2012 at 16:35:46 UTC, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 28.08.2012 18:08, schrieb simendsjo:

How can I avoid line breaks? Say I have the following code:
span.given-name first
span.family-name last

and I want to render them on the same line. Do I have to use
plain html?
!= "<span class='given-name ...

Inside of a <pre> or something similar, yes, != is currently
the only option. But I've just noticed that the HTML escaping
rules are a bit off compared to jade, I'm fixing that now.
After that, inline tags should also be possible:

| <span class='asd'>asd</span><span>aga</span>

Was about to ask about inline tags. Now I have code like this:

p some text with a
a(href) link
| and some more text,
a(href) followed
| by
a(href) even more
| links.

Nearly impossible to read to say the least. I didn't see anything
in the jade documentation other than inline html tags for this.
Would it be problematic to support using jade tags inside text?

p some text with a #!{a(href) link} and some more text,
#!{a(href) followed} ...

.. or something similar? $() as ddoc?

Also noticed the dot syntax doesn't work:


 any text here
 and here

should be the same as

 | any text here
 | and here