Am 23.05.2012 15:37, schrieb Sönke Ludwig:

I had some time to make some first extensions. You can now have a method
'index' that acts as a "GET /" on the base folder specified and If the
first parameter is named 'id', it is translated as a directory name
(e.g. getName(id) -> GET /:id/name).

The "Range: ..." stuff needs some more thought on how to fit it nicely
into the API. An alternative would be to make an explicit JsonRestStore
implementation, because the scope of the registerRestInterface() is a
bit more general, but that would be something for someone else because I
would neither be able to properly test it nor would I use it.

Thanks for REST/DELETE support. I think this feature is a win .. Seems
that there is just the Range stuff left to make the REST service
complete and versatile / usable.