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I am new to web development so there's a bit of a learning curve.

If you are curious about server side programming I suggest you to take CS50 Web Programming with Python and Javascript lecture offered by Harvard University. The course is about designing and implementing web applications with Python, JavaScript and SQL using frameworks such as Flask, Django and Bootstrap.


I was thinking about developing a QA web application like SO or Reddit. At that time vibed had problems connecting to remote MongoDB server. So I decided to go with the Flask.

One of the most challenging aspect of the coding was to decide what would happen if the user changes his mind after voting within 5 minutes. Let's say a user up voted for a post. And than changed his mind an decided to down vote. If the user doesn't changes his/her vote after 5 minutes, the vote would be saved to database. After 5 minutes passed, he would not be able to vote for the same post again. He will be able to change his vote within 5 minutes to whatever he wants.

I used threads to accomplish this.

It is a powerful feature of vibed that it allows to access functions from templates.


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