On Wed, 17 Jul 2019 00:39:32 GMT, Kevin Wolff wrote:

I tried to write code with some highlighting. But failed.
Tried to include or write embed html code. Failed again.

        span.keyword class
            | Point:
        span.keyword def
            | __init__(
                em.common self
                    | , x, y)
            em.common self
                | .x = x
            em.common self
                | .y = y

Code above only write on 1 line.

If the contents are static, you could use the '.' syntax together with embedded HTML:

        <span class="keyword">class</span> Point:
            <span class="leyword">def</span> __init__(<em class="common">self</em>, x, y)
                <em class="common">self</em>.x = x
                <em class="common">self</em>.y = y

Otherwise, using individual text lines together with embedded nodes is the best way to go:

pre.codebox: code
    | #[span.keyword class] Print:
    |     #[span.keyword def] __init__(#[em.common self], x, y)
    |         #[em.common self].x = x
    |         #[em.common self].y = y

Note that "pre" elements are specially recognized to ensure the indentaion and line breaks of contained elements are preserved.