Am 03.02.2013 15:11, schrieb Piotr Szturmaj:


I'm considering using vibe.d for my project. I wonder how stable it is with regards to memory usage
and D's garbage collector. Are there any problems with it? I'm asking because of rumoured poor
performance of D's GC.

Target platform is Linux x86_64

In general it seems to behave quite stable. However, I do notice a small tendency to grow memory
usage over long periods of time. There is a suspicious spot for this though and I don't think it's
the GC that is at fault here.

Regarding performance, the GC is indeed not fast, but used moderately it usually won't be a problem.
The HTTP server of vibe.d tries to avoid all GC allocations, but still has some left. According to
the profiler, this currently prevents it from making another performance jump. But it's in a pretty
good shape even now and it's arguable how much this performance boost would practically mean (with
DB/FS accesses and program logic in place).

Some time before the end of this month I'm planning to do some extensive tests in this area and
hopefully memory consumption will be completely flat/memory-leak-less afterwards.