Getting close to the 1.0.0 milestone, this release implements all of the
major missing features except for a reviewed/cleaned up D API. The most
important changes in this release are:

  • Support for SDLang [1] based package recipes. While JSON is and will
    stay available, this format is a lot more enjoyable, with support
    for comments and a much cleaner syntax. See the package format
    specification [2] for an overview.

  • Greatly enhanced "dub describe" support - includes a "targets" field
    usable for external build tools, adds a --data=... switch to output
    in shell-friendly format instead of JSON, supports a bunch of new
    environment variables for pre/post build/generate commands and more.

  • An experimental ARM build is now available on the download page.

  • Builds with DMD frontends 2.064.2 through 2.068.2.

Also new is an online documentation page of the command line interface
[3], which is generated from the same information as the command line
--help pages.


Change log: