Hello I'm testing DUB with a simple static lib, made of a single module. The JSON description looks like this:

	"name": "bla",
	"description": "bla and enum-indexed types",
	"authors": ["bla bla"],
	"homepage": "https://github.com/blabla/bla",
	"license": "MIT",
	"sourceFiles": ["../import/bla/bla.d"],
			"name": "lib",
			"targetType": "staticLibrary",
			"dflags": ["-O", "-release", "-boundscheck=off"],
			"name": "tests",
			"targetType": "executable",
			"dflags": ["-unittest", "-main"],
			"versions": ["coeditmessages"],

then I run

dub -ctests -f -v

from the console. The executable is compiled then executed but the tests don't run (because some kind of writeln("ok")) are not printed. Is there a way to overcome this (e.g: single step compile/link), since it seems to be the reason why it fails ?

Thx for your help.