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Can't Read 'import.d'

I'm working on another library project that depends on derelict. Derelict seems to install successfully, but building the new library fails with the following error:

Checking dependencies in 'C:\dev\d\projects\libs\Smoothie'
Building configuration "library", build type debug
Running dmd...
Error: cannot read file Parker\AppData\Roaming\dub\packages\derelict-master\impo
Error: Build command failed with exit code 1

Run 'dub help' for usage information.`

I initially thought the problem was the truncated path (there's a 'C:\Users\Mike ' missing), but checking the folder shows that there is no import.d present.

Re: Can't Read 'import.d'

Ah, now I've read Jack Applegame's thread about compiling on Windows XP. I assume it's the same problem. If so, sorry for the noise.