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Internal Server Error after gitlab migration

I had a project linked to github repo

I moved the project into gitlab, updated repository type in my package, and...

$ dub build -v
Using dub registry url ''
Refreshing local packages (refresh existing: true)...

Fetching dinodave 1.0.0 (getting selected version)...
Downloading from ''
HTTP request returned status code 500 (Internal Server Error)

if I restore repository type to github everything works.

My dub version:

$ dub --version
DUB version 1.12.0, built on Nov  4 2018

Thank you very much

Re: Internal Server Error after gitlab migration

Same problem with bitbucket:

// dub.sdl
name "mailtest"
description "A minimal D application."
dependency "vibemail" version="~>2.0.3"

$ dub build
Fetching vibemail 2.0.3 (getting selected version)...
Failed to download package vibemail from

(vibemail repo)