Am 16.01.2014 21:29, schrieb Jacob Carlborg:

On 2014-01-15 15:09, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

There is a third, and hopefully last, beta version for DUB 0.9.21. It
contains four major new features:

What are these version identifiers that Dub passes to the compiler, like
Have<packagename>. I'm wondering how good idea it is that Dub is
passing version flags the user might not know about.

They indicate which packages are available to use. This is mostly useful
(and necessary) for handling optional dependencies. They will need some
better documentation and I was thinking about possibly renaming them
slightly (e.g. HavePackageName or DubHavePackageName). But with both
done, I think there won't be much potential for confusion or errors
because of them.