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DUB has a dependency feature, which'll automatically download dependencies. The problem with this is though; it doesn't put them where they are supposed to be. All dub does is put it inside the '.dub' folder, making the auto download completely useless because you still have to keep copying them over to the directory you want, and keep checking if they updated.

Am I doing something wrong or is this feature really this bad thought out? Maybe I'm missing something?

You shouldn't have to copy anything manually. Do you get an error
message if you don't?

I get compile errors while linking, which all say undefined symbol.

Can you share a reproduction case, or, if not, the output of "dub build
-v" for the failing package? At the first glance, this sounds like a
mistake in one of the package description files, but it could of course
also be a bug in DUB.

Thanks to that suggestion I discovered building it from the command line using DUB works. Maybe the VisualD solution generation error'd somewhere? Inside VS it doesn't seem to work. I am running 2013 if that matters.

I just deleted all DUB-related files and created a new DUB project with my source code; it appears to be working now.

I see, so I guess it may have just been that the generated project files have become outdated. Having VisualD automatically regenerate the solution like cmake does, would be a nice feature in such cases.