On 2013-12-06 21:51, Dejan Lekic wrote:

Are you kidding? :)

How about a project that has the same source tree, but produces, say three
executables, and two libraries? :D Furthermore, these two libraries may be in
completely independent packages, one is com.vendorX.productX, and second is
so.ddn.sql.driver.vendorX ... In this case you have one sourcePath, and at least
two import paths. Not to mention your project's dependencies...

Unfortunately, D still has no project (that I know of) that is of such
complexity. Wait until D gets more adopted by big companies, and gets used in
large projects...

DWT has quite a complex structure if you count the snippets. Although
they are currently in a git submoulde. DWT builds a static library and
can build a bunch of small executables for the snippets.

/Jacob Carlborg