On 03/12/2013 13:17, Sönke Ludwig wrote:

Am 03.12.2013 13:40, schrieb Bruno Medeiros:

Why does "dub add-local" command require a version for the package to be
added? Can it be changed so that it works more like add-path (in the
sense that it detects the version from the package descriptor, if

This functionality is likely to be important in the way I am planning to
integrate DUB support into DDT. I want to arbitrarily add Eclipse
projects to the DUB local repository. But the projects should be allowed
to be anywhere, so I don't want the constraints of "add-path".

Bruno Medeiros

I've stumbled over that, too. And there is no reason why the version
shouldn't be inferred by default other than it turned out that way
historically (add-path came later). Added

Nice. I had the feeling this was a legacy thing.