Am 11.03.2016 um 12:49 schrieb Martin Tschierschke:

Is there a chance to get the staring of a package at github displayed on the dub page?
Alternatively the number of activ users would be interesting, too!

By this it would be much easier to find the best rated most used packages
especially for me :-)

An other view to show only new entries would help for new ones.

Best regards mt.

GitHub statistics could be interesting, but I'd probably only display
them on the package's sub page, not in the package list. The reason is
that the registry can have projects from different sources and not all
might support the same statistics. Also the same statistic between
different sources may not be fair to compare (e.g. comparing GitHub vs.
a much less popular competitor, or even private hosting).

However, we are collecting per-package download statistics since a
while. And with the dependencies between packages known, it should be
possible to create quite interesting "popularity" metrics without any
external data at all.

This is generally on the radar and just a matter of time/work force to
get it implemented.