On Thu, 10 Mar 2016 06:46:24 GMT, Russel Winder wrote:

I can use $HOME in statements such as:

lflags "-L$HOME/Built/lib/gtkd-head-dmd/lib" "-lgtkd-3" "-lgstreamerd-3" platform="dmd"

and everything is hunky dory. If I use $HOME is statemetns such as:

importPaths "$HOME/Built/lib/gtkd-head-dmd/include/d/gtkd-3/" platform="dmd"

the build works fine but I keep getting messages:

Invalid source/import path: /home/users/russel/Repositories/Git/Git/Foscam/$HOME/Built/lib/gtkd-head-dmd/include/d/gtkd-3/

but, as I say, the build actually works fine. However, when I start Emacs with the ac-dcd package installed and used I get the message:

"dcd-client -I/usr/include/dmd/phobos -I/usr/include/dmd/druntime/import -I/home/users/russel/Repositories/Git/Git/Foscam/source/ -I/home/users/russel/Repositories/Git/Git/Foscam/$HOME/Built/lib/gtkd-head-dmd/include/d/gtkd-3/" failed.
Error type is: Unable to connect socket : No such file or directory

Which is believe is attributable to the string dub returns being wrong.

Is this a notifiable bug?

Hi Russel,

I've stumbled upon the "Error type is: Unable to connect socket : No such file or directory" yesterday using ac-dcd, investigated a bit and fixed it, see my fork of ac-dcd https://github.com/jeanbaptistelab/ac-dcd

The error seems to come from recent changes in DCD which now requires the "--tcp" argument whenever a port is used.

The variables expansion (as well as "~" expansion) is still an issue in DUB, but I believe that specific problem is fixed in my fork (I'll submit a PR to ac-dcd soon).