On Mon, 25 Jan 2016 18:29:23 GMT, Igor wrote:

Also, it seems dub does not create good VS project files. I have no ability to set options like a standard VS or VD created project. Basically going to project properties only lets me set the compiler(auto, DMD, GDC, etc). I cannot set anything about debug or release, extra command line args, flags, etc.

You should basically generate a VD style project then copy over all the stuff for release and debug builds and different architectures(32 and 64). As of now, dub is somewhat useless in generating VS projects. It offers no advantage than just using VD itself. I hope this can change so one can have maintain a dub version and VS easily. I'll have to drop dub from my build process and just stick with VD until this is fixed.

Because I am having such issues, maybe you could write a dub feature that converts a VS/VD project into a dub project. This way I can have some peace in knowing in the future that I can convert my VS projects into dub.