On Thu, 21 Nov 2013 13:11:27 +0000, Bruno Medeiros wrote:

These solutions involving dub using external/system package managers
don't feel right at all... I think this is a wrong approach.

It is only possible correct approach for external/system dependencies that does not introduce own duplicate ecosystem.

Doesn't using external libraries imply you need a D binding/import

Not necessarily, you can add needed extern(C) forward declaration at any point of program.

As such doesn't it follow that it is best that an external
library be wrapped by a dub-package?

It makes sense for wrapper package to depend on OS package but it is pretty much all.

Here's the idea:
The dub-package wrapper would include the library binaries (for all
available platforms)

I will throw it away from Arch repos the very moment it will happen. Not really threatening but should show how serious am I about it.

Really, just pick some random free package manager implementation for Windows / Mac and push it as default for that platform. It will do much more good in long term.