On Thu, 31 Dec 2015 21:55:43 GMT, Uiy Uiy wrote:

Performing "debug" build using dmd for x86.
vibe-d 0.7.26: building configuration "libevent"...
B:\DLang\dmd2\windows\bin....\src\phobos\std\range.d(287,1): Error: module std.range from file B:\DLang\dmd2\windows\bin....\src\phobos\std\range.d conflicts with package name range

ideas? Why are vibe.d and dub's getting started docs wrong? -t vibe.d


$ cd /path/to/my/projects
$ dub init <project-name> -t vibe.d

-t vibe.d does not work.

dub produces dub.sdl and not dub.json... all the docs refer to dub.json.

Is it that hard to maintain proper updated documentation?

Never mind, was an issue when I upgraded dmd. Seems you can't just copy over the files to the old directory but must remove it(remembering to keep sc.ini).