On Sun, 11 Oct 2015 01:24:19 GMT, infinityplusb wrote:

The problem seems to be that the dub.sdl of the datadogd package
specifies targetType "none", which will cause it to not be included in
the build at all. I'd usually recommend to use the generic targetType <br>"library".


I tried that now.
I have now changed dub.sdl to have TargetType "library" but when I use it as part of my project though, it appears to generate a dub.json in the ~/.dub/packages/... folder and not a dub.sdl.
I assume that's correct, but it doesn't appear to be picking up the changes I made to the dub.sdl and updating the dub.json.

However to test that your suggestion was the issue, I then went into the ~/.dub/packages/datadogd-0.1.0/dub.json and manually changed it to have "TargetType": "library" and it seems to work (now it's just my coding that's the problem :P )

I'll revert to using dub.json instead of dub.sdl for the time being, and purge the dub.sdl from my github.

Thanks for the help.

The problem is probably not dub.sdl vs. dub.json (DUB always creates a dub.json file when downloading packages, because it needs to add a "version" field and currently can only write in JSON format). Did you create a new version tag after making the change in dub.sdl? If not, it probably just picked up the old version.

When trying out such things, you can also use dub add-local /path/to/package or dub add-path /path/to/ to make your local working copy available. DUB will then use the local version as long as the latest tag matches the version that is requested by the dependent project.